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Если у Вас есть недвижимость которую Вы хотели бы сдавать посуточно или на длительный срок или Вы расматриваете вариант продажи и Вам нужна помощь звоните 8-921-366-1773  

Я работаю с иностранными фирмами и клиентами которые возможно заинтересуются лизингом или покупкой Вашей квартиры, дома или мини-отеля.


Rentier Investment Program Services


As many of you know, based on your own experience in 2008,  the most profitable investments are made during economic crisis.  Russian currency has been loosing its value.  One bedroom apartments that were sold for $100,000 (USD) in 2014, now go for about $50,000 (USD).   But, of course, it’s not going to last long.   So, if you’re interested in profitable investments, give me a call:


Call: +7 (921) 366 1773 or 

email: UchuEnglish@gmail.com

skype: gourylevgregory


If you’ve worked hard, you are a highly paid professional, have generated capital, it is clear it's time to think about making the effort to begin generating extra income.  It's time to put that money to work for you.  The "rentier" (a person or entity receiving income derived from leasing and/or selling real estate)- an opportunity not only to maintain, but also to increase the accumulation of steady income from investments in Russian real estate, which can begin even with a minimum investment of $50000 US dollars.   You are investing in high-quality residential and commercial real estate in the central and modern districts of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Purchasing of property and investment management through leasing and/or reselling of the purchased property is provided by a professional broker.

The "rentier" - is what you need if:

-You have available funds.

-You do not have free time and the ability to manage your investments.


Do you want to receive a steady income from reselling and/or leasing properties?

Do you want to create a personal pension fund?

Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio?


I will guide you through the whole process and will be there for you every step of the way.  You will be offered a list of options to choose from based on your investment interests.  Profit forecast will be calculated based on your chosen property.   

If you’re interested in visiting St. Petersburg and taking a look at the property you are welcome to do so.   All the arrangements in terms of accommodation and everything else will be done upon your request.    



Keep in mind, that crises have a tendency of ending sooner or later.  So, if you’re looking to get into this business, the time is NOW.   


Call: 8-960-255-2711

или 8-921-366-1773

email: UchuEnglish@gmail.com

skype: gourylevgregory



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