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Making Phone Calls

  • Calling Credit Card Company​

A: Hi, I would like to know my credit balance.

B: Of course. May I have your credit card number?

A: Yes, it's 512879346. My name is John.

B: Alright, John. You currently have no dues on your credit card.

A: Really? I finally paid it off?

B: Yes, sir. Your balance is officially zero.

A: I must admit I am proud of myself!

B: Is there anything else you'd like me to check, sir?

A: Yes, can you change my card status from a college to normal account?

B: Of course, but you'll have to come to the bank to do that.

A: Alright, I'll be down first thing tomorrow.

B: Sounds good, sir. Have a good day.

  • Disputing a Charge

A: Hello, is this the Smith residence?

B: Yes it is, may I ask who is calling?

A: This is your bank calling in regards to an overcharge on your credit card.

B: I'm sorry, there must be some mistake.

A: It says here that you charged over $500 on it yesterday.

B: That can't be right; I have not used it in months!

A: Are you saying you did not make that charge?

B: That's exactly what I am saying.

A: Looking closer, this charge was made in a different city.

B: I am looking for my card now and I cannot find it.

A: This calls for further investigation.

B: I assure you I did not make the purchase.

  • Ordering Services

A: I'm interested in signing up for your cable service. B: Alright, please choose the package you'd like. A: Does this package get me all the movie channels? B: I'm afraid not. This is the basic package. A: How much is it for the movie channels? B: That package is an extra $20 a month. A: That's going to cost me an arm and a leg! B: You'll also get the premium sports channels. A: Well, that does sound tempting. B: If you sign up for our email updates, I'll give you a discount. A: Alright, I'll take the premium package. B: You've made a wonderful choice.

  • Making Inquiries

A: Hello, how may I help you today? B: Hi. I would like to increase my Internet data. A: I'll be glad to help you with that. What's your account number? B: I don't have my account number with me, but my phone number is 310-865-9274. A: Alright. I see you use our mobile service. B: Yes. I also have a landline. A: According to my file, you are eligible for an upgrade to our new service. B: What does this new service include? A: It makes the Internet connection twice as fast. B: That sounds perfect! Is there a price increase? A: Yes, that will be $5 more per month. B: Sign me up right away!

  • Reporting a Service Problem

A: Hello, please connect me to Tech Support.

B: This is Tech Support, how may I help you?

A: I am having problems with my Internet service.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: None of my wireless devices are connecting to the Wi-Fi.

B: I see. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the modem?

A: No, how do I do that?

B: Simply unplug the modem for fifteen seconds.

A: Alright. I plugged it in again.

B: Are all of the lights back on the modem?

A: Yes, they're all green!

B: Your devices should be able to connect easily now.

A: Oh, they're working perfectly! Thank you!

  • Asking for Credit

A: Hello, how can I help you today?

B: I am very upset with the quality of your service.

A: I'm sorry, what seems to be the problem?

B: My Internet service did not work for three days.

A: My records say a technician visited your area yesterday?

B: Yes, he installed a new modem.

A: Did it solve the problem?

B: Yes, but I was overcharged for Internet service.

A: Sorry about that. I'll give you credit for the three days.

B: I was sold a wireless service unavailable in my area.

A: I see it here; we charged you $5 extra a month.

B: Yes. Kindly return my money, please.

  • Troubleshooting a Computer Problem

A: How may I help you?

B: My computer is not letting me run JavaScript.

A: That can easily be fixed.

B: I've tried fixing it myself, but nothing worked.

A: If you'd kindly go to our website, I'll fix the problem.

B: I've logged in, now what?

A: I will now access your computer from my location.

B: Oh, I see what you are doing.

A: That should just about fix the problem!

B: Thank you so much! It was such an easy solution.

A: I'm happy to help.

B: Again, thank you and have a good day!

  • Making an Appointment

A: Hello? I'd like to schedule an appointment.

B: Hello! What time would you like to come in?

A: Well, I only like Jane cutting my hair.

B: Jane comes in to work at 3 p.m. today.

A: That sounds perfect! Sign me up.

B: You'll be coming in for a haircut, yes?

A: I'd also like to redo my highlights.

B: That will be no problem. Can I have your name?

A: My name is Sarah.

B: Alright, Sarah, we'll be expecting you!

A: Alright, thank you!

B: See you soon!


  • Making Requests

A: Can you cut my hair a little differently this time?

B: Sure! How would you like it cut?

A: Well, last time it was a little too long.

B: I see what you mean. How about a bob cut?

A: Can you work some layers into it?

B: Of course! It's easy.

A: I would also like to keep some bangs.

B: How long would you like them?

A: Maybe down to my eyebrows?

B: Sounds good!

A: I trust you to make me look beautiful.

B: Oh, trust me, you'll look gorgeous!

  • Paying for the Service​

A: I love my new hairstyle!

B: Beauty takes work!

A: And this is your best work yet!

B: Thank you, I'm glad you're satisfied!

A: How much do I owe you?

B: Well, there was the haircut, and you also got the highlights.

A: Not to mention the lowlights.

B: That'll be $45.

A: Prices have sure gone up over time!

B: Yes, but beauty is worth it!

A: When I look this good, I guess you're right.

B: Thank you for letting me cut your hair.

  • Making a Complaint

A: What have you done to my hair?

B: I did exactly what you told me to do.

A: I asked for a light trim, not for a butchering!

B: I had to cut out all the split ends.

A: I look like a grapefruit! My head is too round!

B: It's a short bob, very stylish.

A: It looks more like a bowl cut to me!

B: It looks fantastic, don't exaggerate.

A: I hate it! I'm not paying for this!

B: You have to pay me for my labor!

A: I'm never coming here ever again!

B: Trust me, you won't be missed.

Doing Laundry

  • Time To Do Your Laundry

A: I don't have any clean laundry for tomorrow!

B: Well, you should do your laundry then.

A: Laundry is such a hassle!

B: Pack the laundry bags and let's go to the Laundromat.

A: Oh, alright. I don't have much, though.

B: Do you have any quarters?

A: Yes. I have enough for the washer and dryer.

B: Alright then, let's get going.

A: This is going to take forever.

B: The longer you keep complaining, the longer it'll feel.

A: I'd rather be playing video games.

B: I'd rather you wore a clean shirt to school tomorrow.

  • Operating Washing Machines

A: Put your wet clothes into the dryer, please!

B: How long should I put them in for?

A: Put them on low heat for thirty minutes.

B: Why low heat?

A: If the air is too hot, the clothes will shrink.

B: I need to wash another load of laundry.

A: If they're colored, wash them in cold water.

B: Does warm water make them fade?

A: Yes. Put the detergent here, and don't use bleach.

B: Oh, that's where to put the detergent.

A: Don't forget to add fabric softener after the first rinse.

B: Okay, I won't. Thanks.

  • Fabric Softener

A: Excuse me. Can I borrow your fabric softener?

B: Of course, take as much as you need.

A: Thank you. You're very kind.

B: It's no problem at all.

A: I love the subtle smell of this brand!

B: Me too! It's not overpowering or strong.

A: I think maybe I'll buy it for myself, too.

B: What I like about it is that it's hypoallergenic.

A: No kidding? That's really something.

B: It's perfect for washing delicate clothing.

A: Well, thank you for introducing me to this brand!

B: Anytime, no problem!

Parents and Children

  • Waking Up for School

A: Sarah! Hurry up and get out of bed!

B: I can't, the blankets won't let me go.

A: Quit being lazy and get up!

B: No, I have to finish my awesome dream!

A: I can't believe you turned off your alarm this morning.

B: Why? I do it every morning.

A: If you don't get out of bed, you'll get to school late.

B: That's not so bad.

A: How is it not so bad?

B: Sleep is good for growing children.

A: Yes, but you have a math test this morning!

B: I completely forgot! I'm up, I'm up!

  • Returning a Call

A: Hello, is this Mr. Smith? I'm Mrs. Jones.

B: Hello, Mrs. Jones. Did you get my message?

A: Yes, I did, I'm returning your call.

B: Oh, right, of course.

A: What's the problem? Is James in trouble?

B: I caught him copying a classmate's test today.

A: Oh, that child is incorrigible!

B: I'm afraid I'll have to give him detention this time.

A: It's alright, I understand.

B: James certainly is strong-willed.

A: Yes, he needs a firm hand and discipline!

B: He's a good boy. Now if only he'd stop cheating!

  • Meeting Teachers at School

A: Hello, Mr. Smith. It's nice to finally meet you.

B: Likewise, Mrs. Jones. Please sit down.

A: Is James in trouble again?

B: Actually, no, he's not.

A: What's the purpose of this meeting exactly?

B: I just wanted to let you know that James is doing very well.

A: Oh, is that right? I'm so proud!

B: He has been staying for tutoring and his marks have skyrocketed!

A: I always knew he had it in him!

B: He behaves better in the classroom, too.

A: I do believe my James is growing up!

B: All children need to mature is motivation!

  • An Angry Parent

A: You need to try harder in school!

B: I am doing well in school.

A: Then why are your marks in science so low?

B: I don't understand science, that's all.

A: Is that the same reasoning you have for math?

B: Yes, and English, too.

A: Tell me one single subject you're doing well in.

B: Well, I'm doing wonderfully in my music class.

A: What about history?

B: Only the parts about Woodstock.

A: That's it! You're grounded! No guitar for a month.

B: Great, now I'll surely have a low GPA.

  • Time for Bed

A: Children, it's time to go to bed!

B: But we're not sleepy yet!

A: If you get into bed right now, I'll read you a fairytale.

B: One with a princess and a prince?

A: Of course, and a magical dragon, too.

B: Why do we hear fairytales before bed?

A: So that the magic from stories can grow while you're sleeping.

B: What does it grow into?

A: Why, magical dreams, of course!

B: Please read us two tonight!

A: Alright, but only if you sleep as soon as I'm done!

B: We will. It's a promise!

  • Cleaning Up the Room

A: David! Clean your room. It's filthy!

B: It's not so bad, mom.

A: I don't even remember what color the carpet is!

B: It's blue, I remember.

A: Have you no shame?

B: What should I be ashamed of?

A: There are clothes all over the ground!

B: It's just easier to leave them there.

A: Your floor is not a gigantic closet.

B: I never said it was.

A: Clean your room or you can't go out today.

B: Fine, fine. I'll clean it now.

  • Caring for Puppies

A: I think these puppies are hungry!

B: They've done nothing but play all day.

A: Do you think they're old enough to eat kibble?

B: They're six weeks old; I think they're old enough.

A: Look! They're digging right in!

B: Now they're settling for a nap.

A: Between keeping them from chewing things and cleaning, they're a hassle.

B: Yeah, they are. But look how cute they are while asleep!

A: Suddenly, I don't mind the chores so much.

B: Yeah, neither do I.

A: These puppies are truly worth it.

B: I wouldn't lose a single minute with them.

  • Cooking Dinner

A: What's for dinner?

B: I should be asking you that.

A: What? Why do you say that?

B: You're old enough to cook dinner.

A: Are you saying it's my turn now?

B: Actually, that's exactly what I'm saying.

A: What would you like to eat, then?

B: I'm craving some spaghetti, bread, and even a salad.

A: Frozen pizza it is, then!

B: You are so lazy! Can you even cook?

A: Of course I can cook! I choose not to.

B: You're having hot pockets for dinner tomorrow.

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