Диалоги на Английском Языке | Small Talk English Dialogues | Английский Язык

Small Talk

  • Greetings 1

A: Hello, how are you doing?

B: I am doing quite well, how are you?

A: I've been better. I'm completely swamped with work.

B: I know the feeling. My boss works me hard, too.

A: Enough about work. How are the kids?

B: They are good. The oldest is about to graduate from high school.

A: You're kidding me! That's great, man.

B: The youngest is about to start middle school soon.

A: My son is about to start middle school as well.

B: Hey, maybe they will be classmates.

A: It's a strong possibility.

B: Yeah. Well, I want to try and beat the traffic. Good-bye.

A: Have a good one.

  • Greetings 2

A: Good morning. How are you today?

B: I'm fantastic. How about yourself?

A: That's great! I'm good, but I feel a little sick.

B: That's not good. I heard there is a flu going around.

A: Well, I have to be sure to take good care of myself.

B: Sucks that you aren't feeling well, it's a nice day.

A: It is. The sunshine makes me want to go to the beach.

B: That's a great idea, but I think you'll get sicker if you go.

A: True. Perhaps we can go some other time?

B: For sure. Let's get together next week and go if you're better.

A: Sounds like a plan. I'll talk to you later.

B: Cool, see you later.

  • Weather 1

A: Everything is going wrong today.

B: Well, at least the weather is nice.

A: Oh, yeah. Imagine if it had rained like they said it would.

B: I know, I would have gotten soaked walking home.

A: Yeah, I love when the sun is shining, but it's not too hot.

B: I do, too. This weather is pretty sweet.

A: I guess everything will be okay in the end.

B: So all you needed was some sunshine.

A: Yeah, I guess you were right – for once.

B: Hey! I'm always right.

  • Weather 2

A: Quick! Get in here and wait out the storm!

B: Oh, my word. Thank you so much.

A: It's raining cats and dogs out there.

B: More like lions and wolves!

A: I was watching the news.

B: What did they say?

A: This is going to be one heck of a storm.

B: Should we be worried?

A: I don't think so. The emergency alert system would have gone up.

B: True. Well, thank you for saving me from this storm.

A: No problem. I'm making some tea; would you like some?

B: Please. Something warm would be great at the moment!

  • Weather 3

A: Heard it's supposed to rain.

B: Where did you hear that from?

A: The news. The weatherman said there is a high probability of rain.

B: Since when have you started watching the news?

A: I've always watched the news. Well, at least to check out the weather.

B: What else did they say about the weekend?

A: I think they said it was going to rain throughout the weekend.

B: Throughout the weekend? Don't pull my chain.

A: I'm not. They said it, not me. I know you had plans.

B: Well, I don't believe it. Just like I don't believe you watch the news.

A: Okay, suit yourself. I'd take an umbrella though.

B: I won't. I'd rather get wet than listen to you.

  • Calling a Friend

A: Why don't you ever answer your phone?

B: I'm usually busy. What's up?

A: I wanted to see if you were down to kick it.

B: Where do you want to go? I don't have that much money.

A: Let's go for a drink at the bar where we went last week.

B: Okay, but I only have enough for three beers.

A: It's fine. I'll pay for the rest, but you owe me.

B: Screw that, I paid for you last time. You owe me!

A: Well, then we can call it even.

B: I guess so. Where should we meet?

A: How about at the train station by the bar?

B: Sounds good. I'll see you in an hour.

A: Great. See you then, later.

  • Describing People 1

A: Dude, I forgot to tell you – I'm going out with Sarah.

B: Which one is Sarah? You date so many girls that I get confused.

A: First off, I don't date that many girls, and secondly you're always confused.

B: True. So, which one is she? Is she in your class?

A: Nope. She's the girl from the restaurant we go to in downtown.

B: From Green Bamboo? Which girl?

A: The cute one. You know the one with the tattoo up her thigh?

B: I think I would have noticed that.

A: She's the only one with blonde hair.

B: Well, why didn't you just say that? That's Sarah?

A: Well, I know you check her out. I assumed you saw the tattoo.

B: I'm not that big of a pervert.


  • Expressing Concern

A: I heard that your brother is in the hospital.

B: Yeah. He's been there since last week.

A: Oh, no. What happened? Is he alright?

B: He got in a car accident. He should be alright.

A: The doctors told you he would be alright?

B: Yes, but they need to keep him for further tests.

A: Oh, okay. I was so worried when I heard this.

B: Thanks, but everything should be fine. He was lucky.

A: Really lucky. Did anyone else get injured?

B: His girlfriend broke her arm, but that's all.

A: Oh, that's not good. Is she at the hospital?

B: Yes, she is taking care of my brother.

  • Expressing Joy

A: C'mon, guess what?

B: I don't know, chicken butt?

A: Stop playing games. I got the part in the school play!

B: Really? That's great!

A: All this practice is finally paying off.

B: Yes, it is. I can't believe it!

A: Same here. I'm going to be the main character!

B: I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to see the play.

A: It's going to be a lot of hard work, but I'm glad I got the part.

B: When does the play open?

A: It opens in three weeks.

B: Great. Get me a ticket. I want to be sitting in the front row.

  • Compliment

A: That's an awesome shirt.

B: Thank you. It's so nice of you to say.

A: Where did you get it?

B: I got it at a store at the mall.

A: The mall? Did it cost a lot? Things are usually overpriced there.

B: Actually, it was quite cheap. I got it for $15.99.

A: That is pretty cheap. Do they have it in other colors?

B: You want to go get one?

A: Yeah, I like how it looks. Would you want to come with me?

B: We can go after school, if you want?

A: That would be great. I need new clothes, but I don't know what to buy.

B: I'll help you pick out something cute.

  • Leisure Activities

A: I'm bored. Do you want to do something?

B: What did you have in mind?

A: Do you want to go drink?

B: No, I have work tomorrow, and I don't want to be hung over.

A: You don't have to get wasted.

B: I know you. You won't shut your mouth until I get wasted.

A: Fine. Let's go to the record store. I hear they have new vinyl.

B: I'm down to go to the record store. I haven't been there in a while.

A: Actually, I don't feel like going to the record store.

B: Well, what do you want to do?

A: Let's go to the movies instead?

B: Yeah, that new movie that I want to see is out. Let's go.

  • Favorite Movie

A: What's your favorite movie?

B: "The Grand Budapest Hotel." Why do you ask?

A: I was wondering what types of movies you liked.

B: Well, that's my favorite movie, but I like all sorts of movies.

A: Oh, okay, but why do you like that movie so much?

B: Because it has action, adventure, comedy, and wonderful acting.

A: How many times would you say you have seen it?

B: Too many to say. I watch it at least twice a month.

A: Really, you like it that much?

B: It's a really good movie. You should watch it.

A: Could I borrow it? I don't have money to buy it.

B: Yes, I could lend you the movie, but be careful with it.

  • Favorite Music

A: Do you have a favorite genre of music?

B: No, but I have favorite bands.

A: What bands would you consider your favorites?

B: The Beatles are the first. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are the second.

A: Is that all?

B: No, I really like The Clash. They are third.

A: I've only heard of The Beatles.

B: You should check out the other two bands. They are good.

A: Do you have any of their music that you could show me?

B: Sure, come over to my house after school, and I will show you their music.

A: Great! I've been looking for new music to listen to.

B: Don't worry; I will get you into a lot of new stuff.

  • Sports 1

A: Do you know who won against the Dodgers and the Cubs?

B: I'm sorry, but I don't follow baseball.

A: Oh, really? Why not?

B: I've never really got into baseball. I like basketball better.

A: Oh, okay. Do you have a cell phone?

B: Yes, why do you ask?

A: Could you check to see who won the baseball game?

B: Sure, let me check. It'll take one minute. It looks like the Chicago Cubs won seven to three.

A: Yes! I was rooting for the Cubs.

B: Well, they won. Glad I could be of some service.

A: Thanks again. Have a nice day.

  • Sports 2

A: My baseball game starts at 2 p.m. today. Will you be there?

B: Yes, I will definitely be there.

A: Great! I will tell my family to save you a seat.

B: What position will you be playing?

A: I will be playing first base, but the coach may switch me.

B: If he switches you, what position will you play?

A: I think he wants me to pitch.

B: You are a pitcher as well?

A: Yes, I am. I'm still training, but I can throw.

B: I didn't know that about you.

A: Well, hopefully you can see me pitch today.

B: Awesome! I can't wait.

  • Sports 3

A: Can you explain baseball to me?

B: I can try to explain the basics. What do you want to know?

A: What are strikes?

B: Every batter has three strikes. When they get three strikes, they are out.

A: Okay, but what about when the umpire calls a ball?

B: Once an umpire calls four balls, then the batter goes to first base.

A: What happens when a pitcher hits a batter with the ball?

B: The batter goes to first base.

A: What if someone is on first base?

B: Then whoever was on first base goes to second base.

A: Oh, okay. What's a no-hitter?

B: A no-hitter is when a team doesn't get a hit throughout the game.

A: So, that's a good thing for the pitcher?

B: Yes, because that means he pitched really well.

  • Invitation

A: Would you like to go see a movie tomorrow night?

B: I am busy tomorrow night, but I am free the night after.

A: That's great! What time should I pick you up?

B: 8 p.m. would be great.

A: Well, 8 p.m. it is. What movie would you like to see?

B: I'm not sure. Which movies are out right now?

A: I actually don't know. How about we choose when we get there?

B: Sure thing, that sounds great.

A: Okay, should I pick you up at your house? Or do you want to meet somewhere?

B: I live by school; if you want, we could meet there.

A: Sure. I drive a white Nissan Sentra. I'll text you later on, okay?

B: That sounds great. I'll be waiting for your text.

  • Asking for Donation

A: Would you like to donate money for Christopher?

B: Wait, what happened to Christopher?

A: He was hit by a car after school the other day.

B: What? That was terrible!

A: That day I was going to walk home with him, but I decided to go to the library.

B: I can't believe it. Is he okay?

A: He broke some bones, but other than that, he is okay.

B: Oh, great! So, why are you collecting money for him?

A: The hospital bills are sort of steep. His parents can't afford it.

B: Oh, wow! Well, here is my last $10. Please send my best to Chris.

A: Thank you. Every dollar counts.

B: Bless your heart for helping him out.

  • Sharing News

A: Did you hear about Joseph and Michelle?

B: No, what happened? Did they have a divorce?

A: Oh, no. They are pregnant.

B: Really? How far along is Michelle?

A: Joseph told me that she is four months.

B: Oh, okay. How is he handling the news?

A: He was a mess the last time I saw him.

B: How is he now? Is he still crazy?

A: Actually, he seems relaxed and collected.

B: I can't believe Joseph is going to be a father.

A: It's trippy, huh? He is our age.

B: This is making me feel really old.

  • Changing the Subject

A: Can I ask you a question?

B: Sure, go ahead.

A: How is your relationship with your parents?

B: It's good. I get along with my father more than I do with my mother.

A: If I may ask, why is that?

B: I'm not comfortable answering that. Why are you asking?

A: It's for a class project. Why don't you get along with your mother?

B: What class are you doing this for?

A: It's for my psychology class. Do you live with your dad or mom?

B: I live with my dad.

A: Do you think that's why you don't get along with your mom?

B: I said I'm not comfortable talking about that. Change the subject.

  • Receiving Visitors

A: Come in, please. Take a seat wherever you like.

B: Thank you. It's been a long and hot day.

A: It has been a hot one. Would you like something to drink?

B: What do you have?

A: We have soda, juice, and bottled water.

B: I'll take bottled water, and my wife would like one, too.

A: Sounds good. Would you like it in a glass with ice?

B: Yes, that sounds wonderful.

A: We also have some slices of pineapple. Would you like some?

B: Pineapple would hit the spot. I would love some.

A: Does your wife want some as well?

B: Actually, she doesn't like pineapple. Thanks, anyway.

  • Ending a Conversation

A: I didn't like the way you sang tonight.

B: Oh, wow. Well, thanks for coming out.

A: You didn't put in all your effort. That's all I'm saying.

B: Okay, well I'm going to leave now.

A: Why are you in a rush to leave?

B: Because you are being rude, and I don't want to speak to you.

A: Well, now I know you can't take criticism.

B: It's not that I can't take criticism; it's that I don't like jerks.

A: How am I a jerk? I'm just giving you my honest opinion.

B: Well, in my honest opinion, I don't care what you think.

A: Now, that was rude. I don't want to talk to you anymore.

B: Great. Believe me; I won't be losing any sleep.

  • Leave-taking

A: It's 4 a.m. already? I have to be getting home.

B: You can stay over if you want. I have an extra bed.

A: I appreciate the gesture, but I must get home.

B: Do you want to hang out tomorrow night?

A: I would love that. I will call you after I get out of work.

B: What time do you get out?

A: If my boss isn't there, I should be getting out at around 8:00 p.m.

B: And if your boss is there?

A: Then I will be getting out sometime around 10:00 p.m.

B: Great. We could go grab a drink after you get out of work.

A: That sounds lovely, good night.

B: Good night. Drive home safely.

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